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About Us

We have been active for more than 6 years in the field of high-tech mobile repair.

In order to ensure optimum quality, we carry out a very strict quality control on each of our parts in order to guarantee their proper functioning.

Our technician repairs your broken device at home, in the office or in a public place! Always with the aim of making repair available to all, our teams now offer you repair service at home, in the office, or in a public place ! We maintain original parts to fix replacement material.Book our services and provide us with all the basic details of your OnePlus mobile that is not working. You can reach us directly at Book now and create a booking for your mobile service. With that you have successfully done your part. OnePlus care will send our field executive to visit you and pick up the faulty device. You can choose the preferred time and location as per your convenience.


Here is a look at the various mobile repair services that we offer.

Touch and Display Repair

We are familiar with different types of issues that can affect your phone’s display or touch features and this makes it possible for us to deliver you the smartest solutions. We can diagnose the exact issue with your phone and make sure that your device’s display and touch is working as perfectly as before.

Mobile Charging Issue

We specialize in managing all charging issues with ease so that you have a device that is perfectly charged for all your communication requirements. By detecting the underlying causes responsible for faulty charging, we can get your mobile functioning as good as new in a short while.

Mobile Network Issue

There can be many reasons for mobile network issue.Our technicians can help you by detecting the specific problem with your phone and make sure that your phone’s network is working smoothly as before. This will help you to use your phone normally as before in order to stay in touch with others.

Mobile Software Issues

Mobile software updates are critical to make sure that your device is working the way it should.Once you get all the updates from us, you will find that your phone is working the way it should. You will also find that the various technical glitches that were bothering you will get resolved on their own.

Mobile Sound and Mic repair

We can rectify any kind of sound and mic issue and get in repaired in no time. The sound and mic of your phone may experience a wide range of problems, starting from software issues to purely hardware related problems. With our support, you can have your phone working in the best possible way.

Mobile Camera repair

We can deliver you mobile camera repair services that can get it up and running. We can resolve any software issues that might be affecting your camera and even look into any underlying lens issues. If you have been facing issues with the quality of the images that you take, we can resolve them as well.

Mobile Frame Housing and Buttons

In many cases, mobile phone users find that the frame housing of their mobiles has gone through considerable damage due to long-term use. The buttons may not work the way they should.We can take any model of OnePlus and can provide with complete buttons and frame housing replacement services.

Mobile Sensor not working issues

Only a professional expert can help to make sure that the sensors are working as good as before.At OnePlus Care, we resolve any kind of issues that you may have with your phone’s mobile sensors. We can carry out a thorough diagnosis to detect the problems with your phone sensors and get them repaired.

oneplus mobile water damage service in bangalore

Mobile Water damage Service

We can perform a thorough checking of your phone to see which of its components have been affected by water and provide you repair services according to your needs. We also perform rigorous performance tests to make sure that you do not have any hassles when we deliver your phone.

Why choose us?

There are many reasons for choosing us for your OnePlus mobile service.

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We have 16 years of experience in this field of high-tech mobile repair with more than 20k happy clients.


Each repairer is very strictly verified and certified, thus offering a warranty on all repairs.


We have two branches in Bangalore. One located at Marathahalli and another in Whitefield.


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